Our tireless dedication to excellence allows us to deliver German-developed quality products and services that enable customers in the Automotive, Aerospace, Industrial Controls and Marine sectors to achieve their goals with accurate digital documentation and certified connectivity.

Laser Scanners

Our laser scanners combine the most modern German technology with ergonomic features to help customers effortlessly take scans in challenging environments.


Wire Processing Machines

Our wire stripping, dismantling, cutting & crimping machines use proven German technology to support the widest range of processing standards for wires used in commercial and military applications.


Freedom to Invent & Create

At Z+F, we take pride in developing quality products that meet or exceed our customers’ requirements. As a privately-held company, our long-term focus on R&D has enabled us to establish the industry standard for innovation and sets us apart from our revenue-driven competitors, all of which are publicly traded conglomerates.